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Aironfix is ​​a self-adhesive PVC sheet, with more than sixty years of experience and exceptional quality that endow the product with great prestige and whose leadership is recognized internationally. Your brand is so positioned that it is used as a generic to designate any type of self-adhesive film on the market. But let's be very demanding when it comes to claiming the real Aironfix by rejecting imitations.
Where can it be found?
We can find it in stationery stores, hardware stores, decoration stores, DIY, paintings, etc.

Withstands temperatures up to 50 degrees Celsius and can be subjected to humidity.

To clean it is enough with water and soap. Do not use solvents or abrasives.
Technical Sheet
check 100-micron thick PVC sheet.

check Siliconized paper of 74 gr / m2

check Water-based acrylic adhesive that can be removable or fixed.

check It is presented in labeled and shrink-wrapped rolls whose measurements depending on the design can be 20, 10.5.3 and 2 m long and 45 or 90 cm wide.
What is Aironfix used for?
Aironfix offers a varied world of possibilities that allow us to develop our imagination and decorative skills. Some examples would be:
Generally used for the lining of books, preserving them from external aggressions while allowing the covers to be seen perfectly.
Widely used for schools, crafts, cutting decorative figures, kitchen furniture, shop windows, etc.
That will give a robust and stylish look wherever we want to use them. Ideal especially for decorating kitchen or terrace tables, including kitchen and bathroom countertops.
A wide collection that has an engraving on the sheet that breaks the appearance of a simple plastic, giving it an identical texture to the original wood. Ideal for covering furniture of all kinds both on the inside and outside.
Stained glass
To change the style of your crystals. You just have to choose from the wide range that we offer and provide more or less privacy to your stays. If we do not want to stick a sheet on the glass, as is the case, we can opt for the Aironfix Static collection that does not have adhesive and can be placed and removed as many times as you want, even changing places.
That will allow you to cover and transform everything you want with prints of all kinds, flowers, imitation leather, tiles, Venetian stucco, burlap baskets, bamboo, traditional kitchen pictures in two sizes and various colors, bricks, modern and daring designs, children, etc.
Such as suede (velvety) to line drawers, jewelery boxes, bases of figures and lamps that avoid scratching the furniture, natural cork to decorate the children's room, fluorescent and holographic that transform any idea and are used in carnivals (floats , clothes, etc), in boats, automotive (ideal for tuning cars, motorcycles, bicycles, skates, etc), silver, gold, metallic (for appliances), mirrors and blackboards both white to use with marker and black to use with the traditional chalk.
Our logo identifies us: Aironfix "above all"
Trust fully in the experience, quality and service of our Aironfix brand and you will not be disappointed